Techniques for applying natural looking permanent cosmetic makeup

For centuries women have beautified their eyes and lips with various forms of permanent makeup. During the last century this makeup form has been the most popular in the Asian and Latin countries. In the late 1980’s the concept of permanent makeup was introduced in America and has since quickly gained popularity. When performed by an experienced and skillful technician, the advantages are readily apparent.

Wanda Enoch, owner and educator of Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic has been performing permanent makeup procedures for over 25 years and has taught and mentored successful permanent makeup technicians from the United States and other countries. Wanda Enoch, at her location Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic, offers fundamentals and continuing education workshops with a curriculum that clearly demonstrates safety and sanitation, color theory and techniques that allow you to achieve the effects of soft and natural powdery eyebrows, 3D microblade hair strokes, and various styles of eyeliner, lip lining and full lip color.

The educational workshops are designed to improve the skill level of each student to give them the edge to excel in the permanent makeup industry. From color theory, instrument utilization and business planning, we ensure each student will leave our educational workshops feeling confident in their skill level.

Advanced Permanent Makeup – Paramedical

These advanced courses will include 8 hours of instruction and practice per day. Workshops usually consist of 1 to 3 days. Bring your own equipment to practice these techniques.
Workshop subjects:

  • Lip Enhancing– Available for students who did not receive lip training in their basic training classes or for any artist wanting to improve their technique.
  • Powdered Eyebrow Technique– Available to previously trained technicians who would like to master the powdered natural eyebrow enhancement.
  • 3D / Microblade – Manual Eyebrow Techniques– Available to previously trained technicians who would like to learn other types of eyebrow techniques.
  • Exotic or Thicker Eyeliner Techniques– Available to previously trained technicians who would like to advance to other types of eyeliner techniques.
  • Tips and Tricks Mentoring Program– available to previously trained technicians who are having problems with retention, speed, design, color choices etc. Shadowing and showing dates can be arranged for a one-on-one experience. You will be bringing and using your own equipment while you learn new techniques to improve your results.
  • Advanced Medical Tattooing– At least 100 permanent makeup procedures and at least 6 months of practice should be performed before taking these classes because you will need the experience of seeing the results of your color formulations in various skin tones. Check with your insurance company to find out the previous experience requirements needed for insuring your work.
  • 3D Areola Tattooing – Available to technicians who have taken basic permanent makeup training and have at least 6 months experience.
  • Dry Needling – Microneedling – Dermal Needling,  MCA –Techniques to improve facial skin texture, acne scars, “smoker” lip lines, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and scar relaxation. Available to previously trained technicians who would like to advance in other types of enhancement procedures.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair Follicle Simulation – Co-training with two Masters. Picasso Jeff , PIcasso equipment and pigments and Tamara Sachs (multi language) NPM International equipment and pigments. You must purchase and use your own equipment for this training class. This is a two to three day advanced class. Proof of previous education is required.

*Please note it is the trainee’s responsibility to contact all of their state and local board of health agencies regarding the rules and regulations for permanent cosmetics in their area.

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Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control for Tattoo Artists & Piercers

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This is required before applying for a tattoo artist license. Anyone wanting mentoring at the Florida location must have a FLORIDA tattoo license or guest artist license.    Click for Lee County tattoo license application

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Establishment Name & License     Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic   36-44-1710347

You must FILL OUT the application, ENCLOSE a copy of your BBP certificate, SEND check  for $60 made payable to:

Florida Department of Health in Lee County, 2295 Victoria Avenue #206, Fort Myers, FL 33901    (239-690-2100)


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